Jim MacQuarrie visits the Walt Disney Family Museum

The Walt Disney Family Museum is definitely a place I’d love to visit. Learning more about the history of the man who created the Mouse would be right up my alley. Jim MacQuarrie, writer of the Wired blog GeekDad, visited the museum and shares his experiences.

“Last month I had the opportunity to visit the Walt Disney Family Museum, located in the historic Presidio in San Francisco; this was something I was looking forward to, since my friend Floyd Norman had served as a consultant in the creation of the exhibits and had told me a little about it at the time. Even so, the museum exceeded my expectations, providing an interesting and educational experience that’s ideally suited for children and adults.”

You can read the rest of the piece at the link below. If I ever make it out to San Fransisco I’ll definitely go– it sounds like a must-see for any Disney fan.

Walt Disney Family Museum– GeekDad

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